Barkas (Harutsuyu)


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twitter: Barkas Kinbaku



  • Shibari training under Vinciens


  • Became student of Osada-ryu after joining workshop by Osada Steve Sensei in Berlin
  • Started Shibari performances in Vienna


  • Co-founder of Shibari Dojo Vienna (
  • Organized Vienna workshops for Osada Sensei
  • Kinbaku photo shoot for Miss Austria
  • Conducting workshops in Osada-ryu


  • Various workshops and performances in Berlin and Frankfurt
  • Organization of Rigger-Stage and performance at Nox Noctis in Linz
  • Trainer of Osada-ryu at Shibari Dojo Vienna


  • Co-organization of the “1st Vienna Rope Festival” including performance and workshop
  • Performances and workshops in Berlin and Frankfurt, including Osada-ryu Master Class.
  • Participation at the music video “Palimpsest” for the ensemble “Zafraan” in Berlin
  • Study trip to Tokyo:
  • Haruki and Nawashi Kanna
  • Performance at “Department H”
  • Performance at “Ubu”
  • Kinbaku movie with Hishi Karo, Osada Steve Sensei, and Nanako Muga)
  • Received instructor license in Osada-ryu
  • Co-organization of “A night full of Kinbaku” (international Shibari event in Vienna)


  • Presenter at Ropeday 2014 in St. Petersburg including Osada-ryu classes and performance
  • Presenter at EURIX Spring 2014 at Schwelle7 Berlin including Osada-ryu classes and performances
  • Co-organization of the 2nd Vienna Rope Festival
  • Co-trainer of Nawashi Kanna at his master class at Shibari Dojo Vienna
  • Consulting work for dance ensemble Tanzquartier Vienna
  • Talk show on Shibari and fetish in Austrian TV (OKTO TV)
  • Presenter at ShibariCon, Chicago
  • Presenting and performing at international events in New York City, Rome, London and more
  • Training with Osada Steve Sensei, Yukimura Haruki Sensei and Nawashi Kanna Sensei in Tokyo


  • Presenter at the Shibari Festival Helsinki
  • Presenter at WestCoastBound in Vancouver
  • Presenter in San Francisco
  • Organisation of the 3rd Viennese Rope Festival
  • Presenter at Moscow Knot in Moscow
  • Presenter at Shibaricon in Chicago
  • Various further travels in Europe, North America, and Japan
  • Getting the name Haru Tsuyu and the permission to teach by Yukimura Haruki Sensei
  • Organising a Nawashi Kanna and Kagura intensive in Europe.


  • Moved to Vancouver, Canada and opened the Osada Ryu Kinbaku Dojo Vancouver
  • Presenter at West Coast Bound
  • Weekly training at the Dojo in Vancouver
  • Headliner at various events in North America, amongst others Shibaricon (Chicago), RopeCraft (New Orleans), and COPE (Ohio)
  • Organisation of a guided study trip to Japan with more than 10 students.
  • Two Europe tours with stops in Vienna, Glasgow, Prague, Paris, Copenhagen, etc.
  • Cooperation with the opera singer August Schramm on a music video featuring Barkas and August Schramm.
  • Interview by ARTE TV.


  • Weekly training at the Dojo in Vancouver
  • Founding of an independent company as performance artist and Kinbaku instructor in Canada
  • Presenter at WestCoastBound
  • Presenter at Bound in Boston and intensive workshops in Connecticut.
  • Publication of the Kinbaku book “Archaeology of Personalities – A linguistic approach to erotic rope bondage”. Available on amazon
  • Europe Tour with stops in Vienna, Berlin, Bournemouth, and Paris
  • Organisation and Co-teacher of the Osada Steve North America tour with stops in Vancouver, Orlando, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.
  • Headliner at FIRE, Orlando
  • Presenter in Houston and Denver
  • Europe tour to Marseille
  • Tour to Japan